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Attention: Malaysian, Singaporean, Hong Kong & selected Chinese applicants.

Action Loans Australia has sourced foreign lending from Australian and overseas banks.

We offer a service to all foreign purchasers saving applicants the hassle of running around, wasting precious time, money and the confusion of organising Mortgage Finance.

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Action Loans 澳洲公司可提供来自澳洲银行及海外银行的海外人士贷款。


Action Loans has arrangements with major banks currently providing investment loans to foreign purchasers. Action Loans will individually assess your financial requirements and introduce you to the bank with lending policies that match your loan requirements at competitive interest rates. (*Conditions Apply)

Our services provide purchasers an opportunity of getting loans approved the first time.

  • Borrow from Australian and overseas banks
  • Borrow from 50% to 70% of contract price or bank valuation (whichever is lower. *Conditions Apply)
  • Interest rates as low as 4.5% to approved purchasers (*Conditions Apply)
  • Secure Off – The – Plan finance up to 2 years prior to settlement (*Strict conditions apply)
  • A free Pre-Assessment is offered to all customers prior to any commitments or costs
  • Mandarin speaking consultants available upon request
  • This service is priced at a low $495.00 AUD (incl. GST) No more to pay (At the discretion of Action Loans, applicants may be eligible to a partial refund if the finance application is not approved by the selected lending institution.
  • A complete Finance & Legal package (Inc. FIRB Application) is available upon request (Additional fees apply)

For further information contact Action Loans: +61 1300 331 332 or Email:



  • 获取澳洲银行和海外银行贷款
  • 贷款额度达合同价或银行估价(以价低者为准)百分之五十至七十(*附条件)
  • 获批购房贷款利率低至4.5%(*附条件)
  • 期房贷款最长可在过户2年前取得(*附严格条件)
  • 所有客户均可在作出任何承诺及支付任何费用前享有免费初步评估
  • 可提供普通话咨询
  • 本服务定价低至495澳元(含税),无其他费用(如贷款申请未获选定贷款机构批准,本公司可酌情返还申请人部分费用)
  • 可提供全套贷款及法律服务(包括澳大利亚外国投资审查委员会申请服务,需支付额外费用)

如需了解更多,请致电本公司 +61 1300 331 332 或电邮

*免责声明:本文件所含信息仅为一般信息。 贷款将采用严格标准和银行政策。 利率、费用和贷款政策可能随时更改而不另行通知。 银行和政府需征收相关费用。 贷款申请将由相关银行进行评估,抵押贷款的批准完全取决于贷款银行及机构。本公司仅将客户介绍给符合条件的贷款银行及机构,以取得抵押贷款。