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Disclaimer: The information provided in this document is general information only. Strict lending criteria and banking policies will apply. Rates, charges and lending policies may change at any time without notice. Bank and government charges will apply. All finance applications will be assessed by interested banks and the decision to provide mortgage finance is decided solely by the lender. Action Loans Pty Ltd acts on behalf of the client as an introducer only to eligible banks & Lenders for the provision of mortgage finance.

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免责声明:本文件所含信息仅为一般信息。 贷款将采用严格标准和银行政策。 利率、费用和贷款政策可能随时更改而不另行通知。 银行和政府需征收相关费用。 贷款申请将由相关银行进行评估,抵押贷款的批准完全取决于贷款银行及机构。本公司仅将客户介绍给符合条件的贷款银行及机构,以取得抵押贷款。